truffle hot sauce

rosemary roasted potato “chips” with truffle hot sauce

by Jackie Newgent  |  January 17, 2021  |  0 Comments
These rosemary roasted potato “chips” with truffle hot sauce are my answer to comforting, “un-fancy” food right now! They’re the extra-tasty result of jumbling up the concepts of truffle fries, thick-cut potato chips, and rosemary roasted potatoes. Even though they’re roasted, not fried, they’re still oh so indulgent; so perhaps don’t eat them at every single one of your meals. Try your best to share them, too. (I admit, I’m not so good with that!) And be sure to look for a bottle of truffle hot sauce (OK, so that’s a little fancy!) to drizzle them with (try these brands: The Truffleist or TRUFF) — that’s my absolute favorite part! While the sauce is pricey, it lasts a long, long...
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