pomegranate arils

creamy avocado board

by Jackie Newgent  |  October 16, 2022  |  1 Comment
What’s better than a butter board? That’s easy – this creamy avocado board! While this is not a replacement for the classic butter board popularized by TikTok, it’s a more versatile option. You can serve and enjoy it often. It’s 100% plant-based. And, of course, this creamy avocado board is absolutely delicious! Just scoop it up with tortilla chips or fresh tortillas and repeat!
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roasted sweet potato salad with pomegranate arils

by Jackie Newgent  |  November 3, 2021  |  1 Comment
The holiday season provides an excellent excuse for me to create a new salad recipe – which is how this 100% plant-based, roasted sweet potato salad with pomegranate arils came to be. I wanted to make it special while not being overly time-consuming (since there are sooo many other holiday dishes to prepare, of course). The result: A salad full of vibrant, holiday-friendly colors and plenty of texture to make it a standout. And by roasting sweet potato cubes in advance, the rest of the salad is a piece of cake!
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