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egg and smoky portabella breakfast sandwich

by Jackie Newgent  |  April 7, 2012  |  4 Comments
Makes 1 serving: 1 sandwich One of the classic breakfast-on-the-go sandwiches is the McDonald’s Egg McMuffin®. Calorie-wise it’s actually a fine choice for fast food. But if you take a look at the actual ingredients, there are better for you and better tasting ways to savor an egg sandwich. I’ve got one for you! This egg and smoky portabella breakfast sandwich a fully satisfying (lacto-ovo) vegetarian version with 100% wholesome ingredients. The coolest part is the smoky portabella mushroom “steak” that creates flavor drama. It’s also fresher with wild arugula and livelier with sage and fresh lemon juice. Finally, the goat cheese (or treenut cheese, if you prefer) provides a lovely sharpness in place of overly-processed cheese. Your tastebuds will...
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