vegan dark chocolate-pumpkin bread

by Jackie Newgent  |  November 22, 2015  |  3 Comments
From Thanksgiving through Christmas, you can usually find me baking up some goodies or watching romantic holiday movies—or both! Luckily, the Recipe Redux theme this month is “Creative Quick Breads”; so it’s the perfect excuse for me to create a new fresh-from-the-oven treat. This inspired recipe is like a glammed up pumpkin bread. It’s heavy on chocolate, but not on calories. It has a just-right amount of sweetness. As a bonus, it’s vegan. Enjoy … one slice at a time, of course! Calories saved: 260 Why it’s better for you? Less added sugar and salt. No “white” flour. Disclosure Note: One of my clients is Wonderful Pistachios. I did not receive compensation for this blog post. The recipe and opinions...
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natural red velvet cheesecake

by Jackie Newgent  |  October 23, 2013  |  2 Comments
(Click on photo for full-size image!) Makes 8 servings: 1 slice each I actually wanted to title this pink velvet cheesecake, but I thought the guys might be scared off! So I stuck to a name that this cheesecake is truly inspired by … red velvet cake. I love the concept of the cake, but I never eat it since it’s usually made with totally fake red food coloring. Artificial food coloring doesn’t belong in our food—let alone our bodies! So I used beets for a real color. Hence, the rich natural fuchsia tone rather than a neon red color in this luxurious recipe. It’s a creamy cheesecake, not a cake. That makes this almost like indulging in the best...
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zesty lemon bars

by Jackie Newgent  |  October 28, 2012  |  0 Comments
(Click on photo for full-size image!) Makes 24 servings: 1 bar each My latest cookbook, 1,000 Low-Calorie Recipes (Wiley, October 2012), has hit the shelves! I’m so excited for you to see it. So this “tasteover” comes to you directly from the pages … giving you a sweet eat to tempt your palate. As for the recipe … I’m sharing these luscious lemony bars with you specifically because one of my culinary class participants requested a better-for-you lemon bar recipe after she was enticed by one she found in Fine Cooking magazine. My version is divine with a just-right amount of butter and no heavy cream. One of the sweet secrets: a mashed banana in the shortbread cookie-style crust. It’s...
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