asparagus fettuccine alfredo

by Jackie Newgent  |  May 29, 2013  |  3 Comments
  Makes 4 servings: 1 1/2 cups each Nearly 20 years ago, fettuccine Alfredo was dubbed “a heart attack on a plate” by Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). Catchy name, huh?! Since then, I’ve been asked numerous times if there’s actually a way to make a healthy fettuccine Alfredo—and one that’s still delicious. My answer: sort of! This version is still a luxurious pasta dish, but definitely a better-for-you pick. And no worries; as always, I don’t use fake fat-free or pseudo-anything here. Fresh asparagus, mushrooms, and whole-grain pasta create extra body, color, and savoriness. I’m lighter-handed on the butter, cheese, and cream, while still using the rich stuff … real heavy cream. And now there are...
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party veggie pasta salad

by Jackie Newgent  |  April 30, 2013  |  1 Comment
(Click on photo for full-size image!) Makes 18 side-dish servings: 3/4 cup each Picnic and cookout season is here. So I thought I’d share with you a recipe that’s sure to be popular at casual outdoor parties. It’s simply traditional pasta salad … but a bit more special than your everyday recipe. It’s full of colorful veggies, lots of textures, and loads of flavor. By the way, leftovers taste great … if you have any! Calories Saved: 50
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kale mac and cheese

by Jackie Newgent  |  February 28, 2013  |  0 Comments
(Click on photo for full-size image!) Makes 8 servings If you’re a lover of kale like I am, you’re sure to become a lover of this mac and cheese recipe. It’s half kale—so you’ll be able to indulge in this comfort food and feel good about it. And don’t worry … I didn’t use any fake or fat-free cheese to make this good for you. It’s full of wholesome ingredients. Prepare it on a lazy Sunday. It’ll wake up your palate with pure joy. Enjoy! Calories Saved: 270
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