salted & spiced dark chocolate chip cookies

by Jackie Newgent  |  September 21, 2016  |  0 Comments
One of my favorite childhood memories with my mother is baking Original Nestlé® Toll House® Chocolate Chip Cookies. My mom always measured everything out in advance—which I’d later realize as being super helpful in good culinary practice. To make the cookies, we actually rolled the dough into perfect little balls because that’s the way my mother preferred them. Then I’d plop a little stool smack dab in front of the oven window and be the very important lookout person to tell her the second the cookies were ready. And yes, I was the first one to get to taste test the freshly-baked cookies (usually more than once!) to make sure! (Thanks to this month’s Recipe Redux theme, “First Cooking Recollections,”...
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vegan chocolate chip cookies

by Jackie Newgent  |  July 28, 2013  |  2 Comments
(Click on photo for full-size image!) Makes 28 servings: 1 cookie each It’s ice cream season! Other than hot fudge sauce, the best pairing to me is chocolate chip cookies. And these perfectly-sized cookies will please everyone. They’re just 100 calories each, vegan, chewy, and absolutely yum! The key is baking them about 1 minute longer than you think you need. The “browner the better” is the baking philosophy for this recipe. Serve one with a scoop of plant-based frozen dessert if you like, too. And now I have 28 … I mean 26 1/2 cookies left to enjoy! Off to the freezer we go. Calories Saved: 220
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double nut butter blondies

by Jackie Newgent  |  July 12, 2012  |  1 Comment
Makes 24 servings: 1 blondie each I crave salty stuff! But occasionally I simply gotta have a sweet treat—a fresh-baked-from-the-oven one. Of course, it’s not in my nature to simply make anything the way it’s supposed to be prepared. So I transformed traditional peanut butter cookies into non-traditional blondie-like bars. I actually tend to savor bars more slowly than cookies–and enjoy them more. How about you? These (exactly!) 100 calorie homemade bites are tastier than the original thanks to extra spices and emphasis on the nuttiness. You’ll find here unrefined peanut oil and pure almond extract, plus a more interesting mixture of two types of nut butters, not just one. But perhaps the most unique ingredient is avocado; it acts like...
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