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grilled fairytale eggplant with lemony-tahini dressing

Posted by on Aug 10, 2017 in tasteovers by jackie | 0 comments

grilled fairytale eggplant with lemony-tahini dressing

I spotted some of the cutest-ever eggplants at Union Square Greenmarket. They had an adorable name to match … fairytale eggplants! So, I brought a big bagful home and this is the first recipe I created! It’s a Middle Eastern-inspired warm grilled eggplant appetizer. (Though, I actually ate the entire platter at once as an entrée!) I hope you can find these itty-bitty eggplants so you can fix this dish. But if not, do try it with baby zucchini, baby pattypan squash, or just slices of regular or Italian eggplant. Serve it at a special meal for two—or anytime. And do enjoy on Meatless Monday. Hope you like it as much as I do!

Why it’s good for you? Eggplant peel contains a powerful antioxidant; specifically, it’s an anthocyanin called nasunin!

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sweet potato pappardelle with greens and goat cheese

Posted by on Jul 23, 2017 in tasteovers by jackie | 0 comments

sweet potato pappardelle with greens and goat cheese

On a recent trip to the Quad Cities, I visited Freight House Farmers’ Market in Davenport, Iowa and picked up some really cool pastas, including sweet potato pappardelle, dark chocolate linguine, lavender fettuccine, and Tunisian harissa fettuccine. I was so excited to see that it all made it back in my suitcase without breaking, too! This is what I made with the pappardelle. (Hint: If you’d like to prepare this recipe with the same pasta I used, order it here.)

I kept this recipe pretty simple so the sweet potato flavor still remains a highlight. But thanks to the flavorful noodles, caramelized onions, and a just-right amount of goat cheese for creaminess and tang, this pasta dish tastes downright decadent…even without butter, cream, or excess cheese. Plus, this pappardelle recipe is vegetarian, making it ideal for Meatless Monday. It can be made vegan simply by using soft nut-based cheese instead of goat cheese. Now all that’s left to do is enjoy this delicious entrée for one—or just double it if you’d like pasta for two!

Calories saved: 40

Why it’s better for you: A burst of beta carotene from the sweet potato pasta!

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slow cooker creamy eggplant korma

Posted by on Jul 22, 2017 in tasteovers by jackie | 0 comments

slow cooker creamy eggplant korma

You’ve gotta love a slow cooker—especially when it means you can toss all ingredients into it at lunchtime and dinner is ready when you are! It’s an ideal way to “beat the heat” this summer. And if you enjoy going meatless yet don’t want to miss out on flavor, this creamy korma recipe is for you! It has distinct Indian flair, calorie-friendliness, and a colorful, fragrant finish. It’s delicious as is or served over steamed brown rice or whole grain of choice. For an extra punch of protein, I like to stir sliced toasted almonds or raw shelled hemp seeds into the cooked grains. And to transform this bowlful of plant-based goodness into a complete meal, I often serve this korma with a protein-rich appetizer, such as edamame or hummus. Enjoy in the summertime—or anytime!

Calories saved: 320

Why it’s better for you: No meat! More plant-based nutrients! More colorful!

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almond lover’s hummus

Posted by on Jun 26, 2017 in tasteovers by jackie | 0 comments

TASTEOVERS_Almond Lovers Hummus

You’ll adore my new velvety, contemporary take on hummus. I do! It keeps the traditional chickpeas, lemon and garlic of classic Middle Eastern hummus, then goes uniquely “almond-forward” from there. You’ll find almond butter, sliced almonds and almond milk! The most intriguing part of this hummus is the almond milk since you’ll simmer it to create a rich almond milk reduction, enhancing the dip’s creaminess and nuttiness. I love almond milk’s versatility!

Serve this almond lover’s hummus with crudité and whole grain pita or pita chips as a nutrient-rich snack or party dip. (Hint: Make it for Meatless Monday and enjoy as a plant-based way to punch up protein intake.) It’s memorable!

Why it’s better for you? Traditional hummus and this version are both good for you; however, this almond lover’s hummus will have more protein, calcium and vitamin E thanks to almonds!

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mini mint-chocolate brownie sundae jars

Posted by on Jun 22, 2017 in tasteovers by jackie | 4 comments

mini mint-chocolate brownie sundae jars

I love desserts in mini jars! It’s a way to indulge in sweets in a portion-friendly way. It’s so much fun, too!

Here, I’ve gone with a brownie sundae concept. I chose mint chocolate chip frozen dessert since that’s my favorite flavor. And I made good-for-you brownies with absolutely no added sugars! Altogether, this dessert can be called “healthy!” But there’s no need to tell skeptics that. This dessert-in-a-jar still provides 100% “sweet tooth” satisfaction!

Serve for a party. Or, freeze brownie rounds for later and make one jar at a time just for you. Enjoy beyond just as dessert. This recipe makes a scrumptious pick as a post-workout snack!

But before taking that first spoonful, please join me in wishing the Recipe ReDux a happy 6th birthday! This small bite dessert was developed in their honor.

Calories saved: 190

Why it’s better for you? The brownie is healthy! It contains no added sugars and plenty of fiber!

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seasonal farmers market fried quinoa

Posted by on May 29, 2017 in tasteovers by jackie | 0 comments

seasonal farmer’s market fried quinoa

I love fried rice. But I realize when I do Chinese takeout that it’s typically made with white rice and can be overloaded with sodium and greasiness. So, here’s my latest interpretation on it.

I’ve made it seasonal by basically choosing whatever veggies catch my eye at the farmers market. And I’ve used quinoa rather than rice to punch up the fiber and protein. (Hint: 1 cup dry quinoa prepared with 2 cups water = 3 cups cooked quinoa.) Cook then chill the quinoa the night before you plan to fix this dish … meaning make the quinoa (or any whole grains of choice!) on Sunday so you can enjoy this for Meatless Monday. Or prepare extra whole grains whenever they’re on your personal menu to intentionally have leftovers (“planned overs”) for this recipe. Enjoy!

Calories Saved: 161

Why it’s better for you? More protein + more fiber + more seasonal!

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fresh mint grasshopper mocktail

Posted by on May 22, 2017 in tasteovers by jackie | 0 comments

Fresh Mint Grasshopper Mocktail

When can a healthy drink do double duty as a dessert? When you whirl up this mocktail recipe! It’s inspired by the after-dinner Grasshopper cocktail that’s typically made with green crème de menthe, white crème de cacao, and heavy cream. This virgin version is hangover-free and contains no added sugars and no artery-clogging cream! It has a just-right sweetness and creaminess and fresh minty flair. Plus, it’s a perfect fit for the Recipe Redux theme of this month: Cocktails and Mocktails for May Celebrations. Cheers!

Calories saved: 180

Why it’s better for you? Punch of protein and probiotics!

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veggie scrap freekeh

Posted by on Apr 21, 2017 in tasteovers by jackie | 2 comments

Veggie Scrap Freekeh

April 22 is Earth Day! So, happy Earth Day, my fellow earthlings! Here’s a recipe to help you celebrate!

Whenever I have extra veggie pieces (“scraps”) in my fridge (which is like always!), I often sauté them up, then scramble with eggs or toss with pasta. Other times I’ll roast or grill ’em, then blend into hummus. And here’s my other favorite use for those leftover (aka “vintage”) vegetables: Veggie Scrap Freekeh. (Hint: Prepare it on a Friday so you can crack yourself up and call it Freekeh Friday! Or enjoy it on Meatless Monday in honor of #MeatlessMonday4Earth. Or do both!)

So, check your fridge. If you have veggie odds-n-ends on hand that might be ready for composting (or, ughh, tossing out), this recipe awaits! It works well with most non-starchy veggies, like zucchini, yellow summer squash, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, onion, snow peas, carrots, and/or asparagus. Don’t forget the parts that often go uneaten, like carrot tops and broccoli stalks. The more colorful the mixture, the better. You’ll just thinly slice and sauté the vegetables, stir them into pre-cooked, chilled freekeh (with a sprinkling of olive oil, salt, and pepper), and finish with a squirt of lemon juice and fresh herbs. Try mint, basil, parsley, or dill. Don’t have freekeh? Don’t freak out (hee-hee!); simply use 1 1/2 cups of cooked brown rice, sorghum, farro, or quinoa.

By the way, this challenge was posed to Recipe ReDux members to share easy ways to reduce food waste. Hope you take this challenge, too … or at least make this freekeh!

Calories saved: 86

Why it’s better for you? This freekeh salad and tabbouleh are both healthful! However, this recipe can ultimately be better for the planet since your extra vegetable scraps aren’t going to waste!

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