Jackie showcases how to cook and eat real food that’s flavorful, plant-centered, and good for you, as you’ll get a taste of in her national media coverage. See below for TV/VIDEO; BY JACKIE; and PRINT/WEB. For media bookings, click here.


Follows is a sampling of Jackie’s TV interviews and web-based cooking and nutrition videos.

Media Highlight!

Dr Oz logo

THE DR. OZ SHOW: How Healthy Are You? (taped video)

A Selection of Media Coverage:

FESTIVE SNACKING FOR HEALTHY HOLIDAYS (Satellite Media Tour — Wonderful Pistachios)


VERYWELL: Tasty Holiday and Warming Foods (Cooking Video Series)

VERYWELL: Type 2 Diabetes–Choose SMART Goals

WOMENSHEALTHMAG.COM: SNACK SESH–Jackie Newgent’s Stuffed Grapes/recipe demo only

WOMENSHEALTHMAG.COM: SNACK SESH–Jackie Newgent’s Pineapple Sundae/recipe demo only

WOMENSHEALTHMAG.COM: SNACK SESH–Jackie Newgent’s Banana Split/recipe demo only

PPN TV: Fresh and Tasty Recipes with Jackie Newgent, RD

eHOW: Fruit Breakfast with Greek Yogurt & Honey

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Follows is a peek at recent articles and recipe features written by Jackie.

Media Highlight!

JanFeb Rachael Ray Every Day_cover










RACHAEL RAY EVERY DAY: Healthy Weeknight Meal Kit

A Selection of Media Coverage:

LIVESTRONG: The Best Pre-Workout Foods and the Science of Why They Work

MEALTIME.ORG: Canned Food Myths—Busted!

LIVESTRONG: Brain Food 101: Best Foods for Concentration and Focus

LIVESTRONG: 6 Best BBQ Sauce Options for Your Health and 5 to Avoid

LIVESTRONG: 5 New Ways to Use BBQ Sauce (Plus a DIY Healthy BBQ Sauce Recipe)

LIVESTRONG: Nutella and 8 Other Foods that Contain the Controversial Ingredient Palm Oil


EASY RECIPE DEPOT: Easy Mexican Rice with Scallions and Lime

LIVESTRONG: 9 Myths About Food You Probably Think Are True

EASY RECIPE DEPOT: Easy Eggplant Linguine with Tomatoes, Goat Cheese & Mint

LIVESTRONG: 11 Low-Carb Breakfast Shakes

EASY RECIPE DEPOT: Easy Black Bean Quesadillas Stuffed with Peaches and Goat Cheese 

LIVESTRONG: 4 Cereals that are Terrible for You (and 5 Better Options)

LIVESTRONG: 5 Foods Killing the Planet — and What to Eat Instead

LIVESTRONG: 7 Food-Packaging Phrases that are Totally Scamming You

RACHAEL RAY EVERY DAY: Easy Holiday Baking Recipes

LIVESTRONG: 15 Taco Recipes Under 300 Calories

RACHAEL RAY EVERY DAY: Shortcut Suppers — Big-Batch Roasted Chicken Thighs & Tomatoes

FITBIT: Healthy Recipe: Thai-Style Chicken Naan Pizza

LIVESTRONG: The New Non-Vegetarian Smoothie Trend — Should You Try It?

LIVESTRONG: 10 Smoothies that Won’t Spike Your Blood Sugar

FITBIT: Healthy Recipe: Cobb Salad with Portabella Bacon

LIVESTRONG: Three-Ingredient Low Sugar Desserts

FITBIT: Healthy Recipe: Green Gazpacho with Cucumber & Avocado

RACHAEL RAY EVERY DAY: Shortcut Suppers — What to Make with Tex-Mex Black Beans

LIVESTRONG: 10 Dairy-Free Pizzas So Good You Won’t Miss the Mozz

FITBIT: Healthy Recipe: Kale Caesar with Grilled Chicken & Crispy Chickpeas

LIVESTRONG: 7 Salad Dressings that Will Make You Toss the Bottled Stuff

FITBIT: Is “Ugly” Produce Good for You?

LIVESTRONG: 11 Sneaky Ways to Add Vegetables to Your Dessert

LIVESTRONG: 10 Valentine’s Day Chocolates That Will Make Anyone Swoon

LIVESTRONG: 7 Brunch Ideas to Make Your Morning Super Romantic

LIVESTRONG: How to Make Your Own Instant Noodle Soup on the Fly

RACHAEL RAY EVERY DAY: Shortcut Suppers: Herbed Turkey Meatballs

LIVESTRONG: 7 Quick Protein Ball Recipes to Give You an Energy Boost

LIVESTRONG: 10 Warm Salads That Will Keep You Toasty All Winter

FITBIT: Healthy Recipe: Winter Salad with Grapefruit & Avocado

FITBIT: Healthy Recipe: Beet Hummus with Spiced Pita Chips

LIVESTRONG: 8 Easy Potluck Recipes for the Last-Minute Chef in All of Us

LIVESTRONG: Easy 2-Minute Dessert Recipes to Make for the Holidays

LIVESTRONG: 7 Meatless Entrees That Will Make You Forget About the Turkey

FITBIT: Healthy Recipe: Poached Eggs in Spicy Tomato Sauce

RACHAEL RAY EVERY DAY: Healthy Weeknight Dinners for Any Time of Year

LIVESTRONG: 6 Simple Noodle Soups That Will Make You Toss the Canned Stuff

FITBIT: Healthy Recipe: Dark Chocolate & Almond Butter Cups

LIVESTRONG: 9 Simple 4-Ingredient Recipes for Easy Vegan Meals

FITBIT: Healthy Recipe: Pumpkin Steel-Cut Oats

LIVESTRONG: 9 Chocolate Desserts That Are Actually Good for You

FITBIT: Healthy Recipe: Spicy Tofu Stir Fry with Coconut Sticky Rice

LIVESTRONG: 10 Amazingly Easy Breakfasts You Can Make in a Muffin Tin

FITBIT: Healthy Recipe: Spicy Buffalo Chickpea Wraps

LIVESTRONG: 10 Healthy Lunches for When You Just Can’t Handle Another Salad

FITBIT: Healthy Recipe: Zucchini Brownies

FITBIT: Healthy Recipe: Veggie Tacos with Grilled Portabellas, Poblanos & Corn

RACHAEL RAY EVERY DAY: Five Dinners, One Shopping List

FITBIT: Healthy Recipe: Summer Salad with Grilled Peaches, Fresh Cheese, and Pistachios

MEALTIME.ORG: The Plusses of Pulses (#ad)

LIVESTRONG: The 13 Most Creative Weight Loss Tips Ever (That Really Work!)

LIVESTRONG: How to Eat Like a Veggan–We Didn’t Spell It Wrong!

EVERY DAY WITH RACHAEL RAY: Simple Summer Weeknight Meals

LIVESTRONG: The 7 Best Breakfast Sandwiches and 8 to Avoid

LIVESTRONG: 12 Vegan Breakfasts that Everyone Will Love

EATRIGHT.ORG: 5 Food Tips for Camping and Hiking

LIVESTRONG: 9 Delicious Dessert Swaps to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

LIVESTRONG: 7 Kitchen Tricks that will Change the Way You Eat Carbs Forever

LIVESTRONG: 12 Easy, Savory Oatmeal Recipes for Any Time of Day

RACHAEL RAY EVERY DAY: Meal Makeover — Mexican Food Made Healthy

LIVESTRONG: When to Spend and When to Save at the Grocery Store

LIVESTRONG: 10 Make-Ahead Freezer Meals to Save You Time

NUTRITION NEWS ABOUT MUSHROOMS: Successful Sodium Reduction in Cooking

LIVESTRONG: 10 New Healthy Holiday Side Dishes

LIVESTRONG: 10 Veggie Dishes to Make this Thanksgiving Super-Nutritious

LIVESTRONG: 8 Healthy Apple Snacks

LIVESTRONG: 12 Ways to Make Popcorn More Exciting

FOOD & NUTRITION: Caramelized Beet and Sweet Onion Soup

LIVESTRONG: 11 Ways to Enjoy Leftovers (Without a Microwave)

THE DAILY MEAL: Food Trend Spotted–Plant-Based Eating Easier Than Ever!

LIVESTRONG: The 10 Best Homemade Veggie Burger Recipes

LIVESTRONG: 9 Easy Overnight Vegetarian Breakfasts

WORLDLIFESTYLE.COM: Five Genius Ways to Get Whole Grains

LIVESTRONG: How to Make the Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg Plus 7 Easy Recipes

EATRIGHT.ORG: Quick Guide to Food Safety While Traveling in the U.S.

LIVESTRONG: 12 Tips to Keep Chicken Tender and Tasty

RACHAEL RAY EVERY DAY: Meal Makeover–Better-for-You Bar Snacks!

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Follows is a snapshot of Jackie’s recent media interviews in the national press.

Media Highlight!

9 Wasy to Cut Calories from your Favorite Holiday Dishes







LIVESTRONG: 9 Ways to Cut Calories from Your Favorite Holiday Dishes

A Selection of Media Coverage:

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT: 9 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas from Nutrition Experts


FOOD NETWORK’S HEALTHY EATS: This One Trick Could Make Your Dessert Healthier

DR OZ: Your Holiday Hangover is Real–Here’s How to Recover

SILVER SNEAKERS: 12 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Dinner Healthier (That No One Will Notice)

PREVENTION: 21 Healthy Breakfast Recipes with 5 Ingredients or Less

MY FITNESS PAL: 8 Nutritionist-Approved Thanksgiving Breakfasts

NBC NEWS BETTER: Nutritionist-Approved Comfort Food Recipes that are Actually Good for You

READER’S DIGEST: 14 Food Rules of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet (#ad #CAprunes)

EAT THIS, NOT THAT!: 24 Ways Nutritionists Say You Can Cut Salt–Without Sacrificing Flavor

NBC NEWS BETTER: Canned Foods Nutritionists Swear By

SILVER SNEAKERS: 7 Best Snacks You Can Make at Home

DIABETES FORECAST: Smart Snacking Tips

PREVENTION: Sweet Potatoes, Chocolate, and 28 Other Foods for Younger-Looking Skin (#ad #CAprunes)

PEPPERMINT TEA & ME: Safe Food Storage Containers

EVERYDAYHEALTH: What are the Different Types of the Ketogenic Diet, and Which is Right for You?

KITCHN: What’s Up with That Foamy Stuff When You Wash Canned Beans?

FOXNEWS: 10 Lunches to Boost Your Brain Health

NBC NEWS BETTER: 8 Creative Apple Recipes to Try this Fall

MYFITNESSPAL: 7 Nutrition Myths RDs No Longer Believe

SHARECARE: 5 Fall-Inspired Recipes that are Actually Healthy

LIVESTRONG: White Castle’s Impossible Burger May Be Coming to a Location Near You

SHARECARE: The 10 Simple Diet Tweaks Nutritionists are Making This Fall

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Stop Draining the Liquid From Canned Foods and Use It Like This Instead

WOMAN’S DAY: 7 Probiotic Foods You Should Eat if You Want a Healthier Digestive System

NBC NEWS BETTER: The Health Benefits of Fresh Herbs–and How to Use Them (#ad #AmericanPecans)

THE WASHINGTON POST: Need New Ideas for Summer Road Trip Snacks?

MYFITNESSPAL: 10 Dietitian-Approved Beach Snacks that Don’t Cause Bloat (#ad #KINDSponsor)

FOXNEWS.COM: 10 Dietitian-Approved Breakfasts to Keep You Full Longer

LIVESTRONG: The Insane Amount of Calories You Mindlessly Eat at Work

BEACHBODY ON DEMAND: Everything You Need to Know About Avocados

BRANDLESS LIFE: 8 Delicious Ways Nutritionists Use Applesauce

PREVENTION: 15 Foods High in Vitamin A

REAL SIMPLE: What Nutritionists Pack in their Kids’ Lunch Boxes

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: If It Weren’t for Dad, I Wouldn’t Know This About Food

MYFITNESSPAL: Your Foolproof Guide to Eating More Veggies

HEALTH: 10 Ingredients Meal Prep Pros Always Have in their Kitchen

CNN: Travel Snacks, as Picked by Nutritionists

MYFITNESSPAL: Dietitians Reveal Critical Cooking Tips for Healthy Eating

LIVESTRONG: Vegan Over Viagra: How James Cameron Ate His Way to a Better Sex Life

READER’S DIGEST: 50 Sneaky Things Making You Gain Weight

NBC NEWS BETTER: Healthy Trader Joe’s Products Nutritionists Swear By

LIVESTRONG: Worries About Salmonella? There’s Only One Safe Way to Cook Your Eggs

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: 9 Unusual Ways to Eat Hummus

LIVESTRONG: Meghan Markle’s Favorite Wine and Other Celebrities’ Drink Choices

AAPTIV: 3-Ingredient Breakfast Recipes to Start Your Day (#ad #CAPrunes)

READER’S DIGEST: How to Cook Chicken Breast, Plus 20 Ways You Don’t Realize You’re Cooking Chicken Wrong

LIVESTRONG: 12 Kardashian Wellness Tips You Can Actually Afford

NBC NEWS BETTER: Why You Eat More At Night–and How to Curb Your Hunger

CREATORS.COM: In a Pinch (#ad #CAPrunes)

EAT THIS, NOT THAT!: 20 Best Supplements for People Over 40 (#ad #VitaCholine)

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: 7 Dishes You Shouldn’t Make at Home

MEN’S HEALTH: 4 Strange Things that Happen to Your Body When You Go Low-Carb

POPSUGAR: This is Why We Should We Careful About How Much Ketchup We’re Dumping on Those Fries

PREVENTION: 8 Foods You’re Ordering That Seem Meatless–But Actually Aren’t

NBC NEWS BETTER: 15 Hacks that Make Packaged Foods Healthier

FOX NEWS: 10 Desserts You Won’t Believe Are Actually Healthy (#ad #CAPrunes)

BEACHBODY ON DEMAND: Everything You Need to Know About Avocados

THEDIABETESCOUNCIL.COM: 26 Healthy Snack Ideas by Nutrition Experts

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Eat+Run Blog–Healthier Recipes for Potatoes, Cobbler, Stew and … Foods

NBC NEWS BETTER: 8 Simple Swaps that’ll Save You 100 Calories at Every Meal (#ad #MushroomCouncil)

DIABETES FORECAST: Swaps for Staying Healthy in 2018

CNN: A New Year, new food resolution — Cook at home

WOMEN’S HEALTH: 7 Healthy $2 Lunches for Every Day of the Week (#ad #CAPrunes)

BEACHBODY ON DEMAND: How to Lose Weight on a Budget

AAPTIV: Can I Eat Before Bed Without Gaining Weight?

WHAT’S GOOD BY V: 7 Ways to Soothe Your Stomach After a Belt-Busting Meal (#ad #CAPrunes)

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Eat+Run Blog—9 Unusual Ways to Eat Oatmeal

NBC NEWS BETTER: Holiday Hangover–How to Bounce Back from the Food, Booze and Emotional Stress

SHARECARE: Healthy Holiday–A Healthier Spin on Hanukkah Classics

NBC NEWS BETTER: 3 Common Misconceptions About Snacking (#ad #CAPrunes)

WOMEN’S HEALTH: 8 Delicious Mocktails That Will Make Cutting Out Alcohol Way Easier

MEN’S HEALTH: 6 Ways to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

RD: 13 Easy Food Swaps to Reduce Your Sugar Intake (#ad #KINDSponsor)

EAT THIS, NOT THAT!: 50 Best Foods for Diabetes

CNN: ‘Detox’ from Overly Processed Foods: Why and How to Cut Back

WHAT’S GOOD BY V: The Healthiest Lunches to Order at 6 Popular Restaurant Chains

DIABETES FORECAST: Fresh Ideas for Staying Healthy This Season

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Eat + Run Blog–6 Unusual Uses for Brussels Sprouts

VERYWELL: One-Week Sample Vegan Menu Plan (#ad #KINDSponsor)

WOMEN’S HEALTH: 5 Snacks that Will Help You Sleep Like a Baby (#ad #KINDSponsor)

LIVESTRONG: 10 Food Vices That Nutritionists Struggle With (#ad #KINDSponsor)

NBC NEWS BETTER: The Dos & Don’ts of Cheat Meals, According to Nutrition Experts

THEDIABETESCOUNCIL.COM: 50 Registered Dietitians Share Diabetes Diet & Lifestyle Tips

MYFITNESSPAL: The Truth About Potatoes: Do They Derail Weight Loss?

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Eat + Run Blog—6 Healthy Ways to Eat and Drink Yourself Cool This Summer

NBC NEWS: Better—10 Kitchen Gadgets that Help You Lose Weight

PREVENTION: 7 Things You Should Be Buying at the Farmers’ Market But Aren’t

LIVESTRONG: 10 Foods That Will Make You Look and Feel Bloated

READER’S DIGEST: The One Food 12 Nutritionists Eat Every Day to Maintain Their Weight

WOMAN’S DAY: 30 Best Was to Lose Weight for Women Over 30 (#ad #KINDSponsor)

LIVESTRONG: 10 Worst Foods to Eat When You’re Stressed Out of Your Mind

BEACHBODY ON DEMAND: 12 Top Weight-Loss Excuses & How to Stop Making Them

WOMEN’S HEALTH: 9 Packaged Snacks That Are Actually Good For You, According to Nutritionists (#ad #KINDSponsor)

WOMEN’S HEALTH: These 8 Summer Breakfasts Will Step Up Your Weight Loss Game (#ad #KINDsponsor)

CONSUMER REPORTS: How to Build a Healthy Burger

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Eat + Run Blog–Everything Your Mom Told You About Healthy Eating…

SELF.COM: The 11 Best Healthy Packaged Snacks at Trader Joe’s

SELF.COM: 17 Weeknight Dinners That Registered Dietitians Actually Cook

THEDIABETESCOUNCIL.COM: 50 Registered Dietitians Share Diabetes Diet & Lifestyle Tips

NEW YORK POST: The Eight Surprising Superfoods that Will Make You Live Longer

SELF.COM: The One Healthy Ingredient Registered Dietitians Always Have in Their Pantries

WHAT’S GOOD BY V: The 6 Best Nighttime Snacks if You’re Trying to Lose Weight

WHAT’S GOOD BY V: What You Should Know if You’re Considering Cutting Refined Carbs

CLASSPASS: Why Chopping Onions Makes You Cry and Other Must-Know Cooking Questions

MASHED: Lunches You Can Make Ahead for the Week

FITBIT: 12 Grocery Shopping Tips from Nutritionists

WHAT’S GOOD BY V: 7 Foods that Can Make You Gassy

SHEFINDS: The One Ingredient that Makes Any Meal Healthier, According to a Dietitian

EAT THIS, NOT THAT!: 26 Best and Worst Foods for Diabetics

MYFITNESSPAL: 12 Healthy Foods that Fill You Up Best

SELF: 8 Registered Dietitian-Approved Thai Takeout Picks

PREVENTION: 11 Vegetarian Meals That Are Just As Filling As Meat

HEALTH: 12 Healthy Eating Hacks Nutritionists Use Every Day

MYFITNESSPAL: Top Nutritionists Love These Instagram Accounts

WHAT’S GOOD BY V: 9 Ways to Pack More Protein Into Your Salad

SELF: 8 Delicious Oatmeal Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Eat+Run Blog–11 Healthy Super Bowl Recipes and Ideas (#ad @getcrackin)

LIVESTRONG: 17 On-The-Go Snacks Nutritionists Always Keep in Their Bags (#ad @getcrackin)

THE DAILY MEAL: Blogger Spotlight: Tasteovers by Jackie

LIVESTRONG: 11 Delicious Spices that Make it Easy to Hold the Salt

WHAT’S GOOD BY V: 8 Nutritionists Share How They Satisfy Their Sweet Cravings (#ad @pomwonderful)

SELF: The 13 Best Superfoods, According To Registered Dietitians (#ad @getcrackin #KINDSponsor)

SELF: 9 Simple Resolutions What Will Help You Eat Healthier In 2017

MAN REPELLER: Which Nut Milk is Best? The MR Taste Test

LIVESTRONG: How to Eat Like a Nutritionist During the Holidays

FOODSTAND: Behind the Plate: Jackie Newgent

WHATS GOOD BY V: 12 Easy Ways To Incorporate Turmeric Into Your Diet

SELF: 8 High-Protein Snacks You Can Buy At The Drugstore (#ad @getcrackin)

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Eat+Run Blog–9 Creative Gifts for the Health Junkies on Your List

WOMEN’S HEALTH: 7 Women Share the ONE Thing that Finally Helped Them Lose Weight

SELF: The 7 High-Protein Ingredients R.D.s Always Have in Their Kitchen


EAT THIS, NOT THAT!: 10 Kitchen Gadgets Nutrition Experts Swear By

LUVO: Nutritionists Favorite Way to Enjoy Chocolate

SELF: 6 Easy Ways Registered Dietitians Recommend Cutting Down On Added Sugar

WOMEN’S HEALTH: 8 Carby Snacks that Can Actually Help You Lose Weight (#KINDSponsor)

SELF: 6 High-Protein Breakfasts that R.D.s Love

EAT THIS NOT THAT!: 11 Lesser Known Salad Greens–and How to Eat Them

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Eat+Run Blog–How 8 True Foodies Celebrate Fall

WOMEN’S HEALTH: 7 Things Nutritionists Do on the Weekend When They’re Trying to Lose Weight

SELF: 8 Post-Workout Snacks Dietitians Love (#KINDSponsor)

DIABETES SELF-MANAGEMENT: Easy Lunch Substitutions to Save Calories

SONIMA: These 5 Foods are the Next Big Health Superstars


BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS: Back To School — It’s Go Time

SELF: 9 of the Best Kitchen Gadgets for Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

OXYGEN: Diet Trend or Trap?

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Eat+Run Blog–7 Genius Kitchen Gadget Hacks

SELF: 11 Pre-Workout Snacks R.D.s and Nutritionists Love

LIVESTRONG: 10 Desserts Your Nutritionist Actually Approves Of

LIVESTRONG: What Nutritionists Really Eat at a BBQ

YAHOO! BEAUTY: Losing Your Hair? Here’s What to Eat

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Eat+Run Blog–10 Things Dietitians Wish They Could Tell Their Younger Selves About Food

SELF: 11 Snacks R.D.s Like to Eat Before Bed (#KINDSponsor)

SELF: R.D.s Share The Healthy Eating Rules They Live By

YAHOO! BEAUTY: ‘RHOC’ Star Eats Just 500 Calories a Day, Has Water for Lunch

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Eat+Run Blog–12 Farmers Market Must-Haves, According to Dietitians

BON APPETIT: Don’t Make These Common Mistakes When Going Paleo

HEALTH: How to Slim Down for Summer Without Going on a Diet

SELF: 21 Unexpected Ways To Eat Fewer Carbs Without Even Noticing

WEIGHTWATCHERS.COM: Try This Sugar-Cutting Tip in Your Next Recipe

THRILLIST: Healthy Foods Dietitians Always Keep on Hand

SELF: 10 Registered Dietitians Share Their Favorite Meal Prep Hacks

HEALTH: 5 Little Tricks to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

WOMEN’S HEALTH: 9 Nutritionist Approved Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

SELF: Here’s What To Eat At The Backyard BBQ If You’re Trying To Eat Healthy

HEALTH: 6 Healthier Alternatives to Your Favorite Junk Food Snacks

LIVESTRONG.COM: How the 5th Flavor Can Help You Lose Weight

SELF: 19 Ways to Lose Weight on the Weekends Without Giving Up Your Social Life

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Eat+Run Blog–1 Egg 8 Ways

FITNESS: 10 Dietitian-Approved Breakfasts to Help You Reach Your Nutrition Goals

WOMEN’S HEALTH: 3 Ways to Dial Up the Flavor on Your Usual Granola Snack

EATCLEAN:4 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Coconut Oil

WEBMD: 6 Secrets of Super-Healthy People

EATCLEAN: Should you try Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s super healthy and slightly terrifying diet?

MEDPAGE TODAY: ‘Vilsack Should Be Sacked’: Experts React to Dietary Guidelines

BRIDES.COM: 10 Yummy Snack Ideas for the Engaged Girl

THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Ditch the Dieting: Replace unwise choices with healthful ones

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Eat+Run Blog–Your Nutritionist Endorsed Holiday Gift Guide

REAL SIMPLE: The Ultimate Guide to Picking Delicious Produce – In an A-to-Z chart

SONIMA: A Nutritionist Explains the Health Benefits of Tea

BRIDES.COM: 3 Tips for a Healthy Pre-Wedding Holiday

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Eat+Run Blog –10 Dietitians Confess Their Healthy Eating Challenges

DR. OZ THE GOOD LIFE: Eating More Home-Cooked Meals May Reduce Your Diabetes Risk

LIVESTRONG.COM: What 16 Nutritionists Eat For Breakfast

THE WASHINGTON POST: If you’re going to make one change to improve your health, it should be one of these

YAHOO HEALTH: So What’s the Deal with Jimmy Kimmel’s Diet?

ACE FITNESS: Top Dietitians Share Their Favorite Weight-loss Foods

READER’S DIGEST: Pumpkin Puree — 11 Creative Ways Nutritionists Use It

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Eat+Run Blog — The 9 Most Versatile Foods in Dietitians’ Kitchens

DR. OZ THE GOOD LIFE: Drop the Diet Soda and No Bathroom Scales Get Hurt

REAL SIMPLE: What Nutritionist’s Pack in Their Kids’ Lunch Boxes

U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT: Eat+Run Blog – A Nutrition Expert Walks into a Barbecue…

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